SA Eastern Standard Time Zone Converter

SA Eastern Standard Time (SEST)


UTC-3 is a time offset that subs 3 hours to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).


It is observed in the ACST & CWST during standard time.


S.No Location
1 France/Saint Pierre
2 France/Miquelon
3 Argentina/Argentine Antarctica
AS TIME in Antarctica
4 Chile/Magallanes/Antarctic
5 Suriname
6 Uruguay
7 Paraguay
8 United States/Palmer Station
9 Brazil
Except the western states of Acre, Amazonas, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Rondônia and Roraima and offshore islands
10 Denmark/Greenland
Except areas around Danmarkshavn, Ittoqqortoormiit and Pituffik.

Other Time Zones With UTC-3/GMT-3
Time Zone Name
ADT Atlantic Daylight Time
AMST Amazon Summer Time
CLST Chile Summer Time
FKST Falkland Islands Summer Time
GFT French Guiana Time
PMST Saint Pierre and Miquelon Standard Time
AT Atlantic Time
BRT Brasilia Time
PYST Paraguay Summer Time
ROTT Rothera Research Station Time
SRT Suriname Time
UYT Uruguay Standard Time
WGT West Greenland Time
NT Newfoundland Time
ART Argentina Time